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so much simpler if I had a home internet connection

9:50 PM 4/25/07 · On the way home from work Wednesday I plopped down in my seat on Caltrain all sorts of funky. I was exhausted, feverish, asthma acting up, and generally miserable. No idea what I was thinking going to work that day but I did and got through it and I was ready to go home, with one little bit of idiocy enroute, to collapse.

Had to brush a bunch of newspapers off my seat and when I did I saw a familiar face...though sick as I was it took a few seconds to register. Front page of the Datebook section of the San Francisco Chronicle.

It was Hiro.

Okay, to be fair it was Masi Oka...but still.

Read the article and it was very good, don't read the newspaper as much as I used to, so I bagged the article to go over more thoroughly later. More I read the more I wanted to share it here and there around my fellow geeks on livejournal but it was going to have to wait. Figured to call in sick the next day, pretty much strongly advised by de boss type person before I left, and that meant I wouldn't be back online till Thursday.

San Francisco Chronicle translates to but if I can't find a good link there I figure I can take advantage of the industrial sized scanners we've got at work and just give you the article the same way I got it.

Course, it'd probably be a good idea to skim the Heroes communities I'm a member of to make sure someone hasn't already done this...hate to hit any comm up with something they've already got.

A few things that struck me really interesting:
  • Masi is a certified genius, long before he ever seriously got into acting he was already known for his computer expertise.

  • The role of Hiro wasn't supposed to last that long; originally written he should've been killed off by now.

  • Among his more technical jobs was some work in the Star Wars prequels. Stuff they couldn't figure out how to do they called him into work out. For example, the asteroid chase of Obi Wan & Jango Fett was his work.

We lucked out. The website has it, sometimes it lags a day or two behind the actual paper on certain things so my being sick panned out perfectly.

'Hero' went from techie to actor Oka's role is audience favorite
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