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Masi As a Cover Boy? Woo Hoo!

A few days ago, my friend Ray told me that Masi Oka was the cover boy for the recent issue of Wired magazine. Today, as I was passing by a Barnes & Noble, I decided to stop in and pick up a copy. I scanned the magazine rack and was frustrated that I didn't see it. So, I asked someone who worked there and she led me back to the magazine shelf and I nearly kicked myself for not noticing. The saleslady picked it up and instead of handing it to me right away, she paused to look at the cover. Then she smiled as she handed it to me saying, "He's cute."

The cover was Masi as "Future Hiro." The lady sure does have impeccable taste :) I did eventually cash out and though I don't usually buy Technology magazines, this was worth it. Oh, and there is a pretty picture on page 132 as well.
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