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Heroes: Saving Charlie

I've seen it at Barnes & Noble a number of times but I'm going through a bunch of different series right now. Blurb on the back gives me the sense it's Hiro going through multiple timelines trying to find one in which Charlie might've survived.

Has anyone read this?
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Giri Honor Duty Obligation

kinda think Hiro is going to die tonight

you're imagining thisKeep in mind, I've not seen tonight's episode. I'm basing this on the slimmest of facts and I really don't want it to happen. I like Hiro; he's great. Plus, he's the dream made manifest: a geek of multiple fandoms who's wanted to be able to do the kinda things his favorite characters can do and he suddenly develops super powers.

How sweet is that?

Still, I kinda think that in tonight's episode he's going to get killed and I do mean big time.

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Anyway, that's my 25¢ opinion on this.

Let's hope I'm wrong.
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Khaleesi Smile

Mod post

Hello everyone! Congrats on reaching 65 members!! ♥

I just wanted to say that if anyone has any fanfiction or fanart that they'd like to post, feel free! I need to try to breath new life into this community. XD

Also, season 1 of Heroes comes out in a few days. Be sure to pick up a copy and make your friends/family watch it! hehe We need to spread the love.
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