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kinda think Hiro is going to die tonight

you're imagining thisKeep in mind, I've not seen tonight's episode. I'm basing this on the slimmest of facts and I really don't want it to happen. I like Hiro; he's great. Plus, he's the dream made manifest: a geek of multiple fandoms who's wanted to be able to do the kinda things his favorite characters can do and he suddenly develops super powers.

How sweet is that?

Still, I kinda think that in tonight's episode he's going to get killed and I do mean big time.

Fact: Adam hates Hiro and vowed to kill all he loved and him if he ever had the chance.
Fact: While not in on his full agenda, Peter is helping Adam.
Fact: Peter may be undisciplined and raw in his talents but there's little doubt for me that he could wipe the floor with Hiro.
Fact: One of my favorite sites to grab poster sized shots from the show has one of Adam back with his sword in hand from tonight's episode; it tends to post images a week or two before the actual episode comes out.
Fact: Peter has already been shown unable to stop Adam from killing someone if he wants to.
Fact: Also posted a sneak peek (via YouTube) to a number of Heroes communities yesterday that had 5 scenes from tonight's episode in it. It's after the fight, Peter and Adam calmly walking down a corridor talking about Hiro seemingly in the past tense; Adam again is carrying his sword.

Now, none of this really points to Hiro being killed. Maybe he was just thoroughly beaten by Peter and Adam miraculously didn't kill him. I hope that's how things will pan out. Still, there's at least the possibility and most of the ads from last week about tonight kept repeating that two of the emo·sapiens would be dying.

Anyway, that's my 25¢ opinion on this.

Let's hope I'm wrong.

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