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Bad Hiro, no cookie for you!

10:01 PM 10/13/08 · My thoughts on this episode largely all revolve around Hiro. I was blown away by his stabbing Ando like that but at the same time trying to argue his side of it. As we all know, the guy can manipulate time and space. Hiro could easily come back to just before he stabbed Ando and pull him out of there...

...of course that would undo his whole proving himself thing.

Frankly, I think he may've done just as he did. Justified the move in order to save the world.

Ando electrocuting him in the future is looking more and more likely.

Okay, a couple other things. That Linderman turned out to be Daddy Parkman didn't entirely surprise me. I'd been toying with the notion even though Matt left him stuck in his hwad. Course that leaves some other issues. How did "Linderman" heal Nathan for one? Was also arguing for it being actually Linderman. Given this new spin on being able to give anyone powers, which kinda follows my argument that what Sylar does could be done by anyone...even if Mohinder botched the process by drawing from the wrong source material...

...if it had been Linderman than it's not impossible that on top of his healing ability they might've also given him DL's and a certain Invisible Man's abilities as well.

Still, I'm at a loss to explain what happened to Nathan. His healing looks suddenly more miraculous than we were led to believe.


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