April 30th, 2007


¡Hombre volador!

7:22 PM 4/29/07 · I've watched .07% about a dozen times since it came on, I'm watching it again while typing this; would've been more if I'd taped it Monday instead of Friday. Can't get enough of it and though I'm a tad frustrated still, regardless of all the reasonings I've heard from other fans, that the fight between Peter & Sylar wasn't longer but I'm coping. There were plenty of other things therein that more than made up for that...

...like the transition to the episode that'll be on the night of Monday the 30th!

Something that's been kind of interesting to watch has been the interplay between Hiro and Nathan. They come at this whole thing from two different sides but essentially on the same one: Hiro's been fighting against this tragedy from the beginning and Nathan has only come to believe in it recently...though he's being geared towards ensuring it rather than preventing it. Yet, at the core they're both decent people against overwhelming odds.

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Kinda curious what they'll be like in this coming episode. From what we've seen of future Hiro he's very grim and, from the preview last Monday, what little I've seen of future Nathan gives this distinct impression he's a real dick.

I hope we'll see them together in this just to see...whatever there is to see.
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