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a Hiro will save the day

Yatta! This basically means "I did it!" and he says it a lot. However, the way he says it after he stabs Sylar is much more distinct than anywhere else. Before it's always been high·pitched and child·like but this one time was very mature and strong. That moment made me like Hiro more than any other point in the series.

Do not worry New York! We will save you!! Anyone that knows me even a little is aware that I am quite strong in the wonky side of the Force. Given even the littlest nudge I shall quickly start developing absolutely disturbed imagery.

So we have Hiro back in the present, suddenly jump up on the edge of the rooftop and made his suddenly confident delcaration to the city itself. What do we know about this rooftop? It's a pivotal point in the series and there are lots and lots of pigeons that frequent it. So, virtually at the same time Hiro hope up there and did what he did I had a sudden vision of his foot landing in a precariously positioned clump of pigeon crap and he slipped and fell to his death. Kind of a "Do not worry New York! We will *slip* save yooooooooooooo"

Okay, granted that last one was mostly in my head but still...

What was your favorite Hiro moment?

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