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may not be Hiro but I can peek into the future

Popped over to to see if I could check out trailers for the final 2 episodes and got more than I bargained for. Found one with spanish subtitles that is a combo trailer for both of them, not included in this post, and some things much more interesting. The following are scenes from this coming Monday's episode: Landslide...

...these aren't trailers!

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I don't normally drag folks from one community to another, unless it's one of my own, but every so often I'll find something in some random community that just begs to be shared with folks from the related fandom. So, I was skimming another geek comm I'm fond of, that doesn't get posted to as much as I'd like but what it tends to get is of great interest to me, when I saw the following 5 words and I just froze a second.

Hiro Nakamura is not Japanese
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¡Hombre volador!

7:22 PM 4/29/07 · I've watched .07% about a dozen times since it came on, I'm watching it again while typing this; would've been more if I'd taped it Monday instead of Friday. Can't get enough of it and though I'm a tad frustrated still, regardless of all the reasonings I've heard from other fans, that the fight between Peter & Sylar wasn't longer but I'm coping. There were plenty of other things therein that more than made up for that... the transition to the episode that'll be on the night of Monday the 30th!

Something that's been kind of interesting to watch has been the interplay between Hiro and Nathan. They come at this whole thing from two different sides but essentially on the same one: Hiro's been fighting against this tragedy from the beginning and Nathan has only come to believe in it recently...though he's being geared towards ensuring it rather than preventing it. Yet, at the core they're both decent people against overwhelming odds.

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Kinda curious what they'll be like in this coming episode. From what we've seen of future Hiro he's very grim and, from the preview last Monday, what little I've seen of future Nathan gives this distinct impression he's a real dick.

I hope we'll see them together in this just to see...whatever there is to see.
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Masi As a Cover Boy? Woo Hoo!

A few days ago, my friend Ray told me that Masi Oka was the cover boy for the recent issue of Wired magazine. Today, as I was passing by a Barnes & Noble, I decided to stop in and pick up a copy. I scanned the magazine rack and was frustrated that I didn't see it. So, I asked someone who worked there and she led me back to the magazine shelf and I nearly kicked myself for not noticing. The saleslady picked it up and instead of handing it to me right away, she paused to look at the cover. Then she smiled as she handed it to me saying, "He's cute."

The cover was Masi as "Future Hiro." The lady sure does have impeccable taste :) I did eventually cash out and though I don't usually buy Technology magazines, this was worth it. Oh, and there is a pretty picture on page 132 as well.
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so much simpler if I had a home internet connection

9:50 PM 4/25/07 · On the way home from work Wednesday I plopped down in my seat on Caltrain all sorts of funky. I was exhausted, feverish, asthma acting up, and generally miserable. No idea what I was thinking going to work that day but I did and got through it and I was ready to go home, with one little bit of idiocy enroute, to collapse.

Had to brush a bunch of newspapers off my seat and when I did I saw a familiar face...though sick as I was it took a few seconds to register. Front page of the Datebook section of the San Francisco Chronicle.

It was Hiro.

Okay, to be fair it was Masi Oka...but still.

Read the article and it was very good, don't read the newspaper as much as I used to, so I bagged the article to go over more thoroughly later. More I read the more I wanted to share it here and there around my fellow geeks on livejournal but it was going to have to wait. Figured to call in sick the next day, pretty much strongly advised by de boss type person before I left, and that meant I wouldn't be back online till Thursday.

San Francisco Chronicle translates to but if I can't find a good link there I figure I can take advantage of the industrial sized scanners we've got at work and just give you the article the same way I got it.

Course, it'd probably be a good idea to skim the Heroes communities I'm a member of to make sure someone hasn't already done this...hate to hit any comm up with something they've already got.

A few things that struck me really interesting:
  • Masi is a certified genius, long before he ever seriously got into acting he was already known for his computer expertise.

  • The role of Hiro wasn't supposed to last that long; originally written he should've been killed off by now.

  • Among his more technical jobs was some work in the Star Wars prequels. Stuff they couldn't figure out how to do they called him into work out. For example, the asteroid chase of Obi Wan & Jango Fett was his work.

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